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Financial Consulting.  Let Us Do the Math.
Since 1994, Congressionally recognized B2B Innovations Group, Inc., and Award Winning Business Innovations Group Network have been the leader in building businesses and obtaining financing through our unique strategies and relationships. With offices in Los Angels, CA, New York, NY and Zurich, Switzerland. 

 * Incorporations (New and Seasoned C- Corps, S-Corps and LLC's) 

 * Business and Personal Credit Correction and Enhancement

 * Business Coaching, Mentoring, Networking, and Education

 * Business Management and Economic Development

 * Corporate Expansions, Downsizing, Mergers and Acquistions; Business Sales

 * Corporate and Personal Lines of Credit up to $ 10,000,000.00

 * Business Financing for any business from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 up to $100,000,000.00

 * Project Funding up to $ 1,500,000,000.00

 * Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development and Financing

 * Proof of Funds; SWIFTS


 The Goal of the Big Corporate Credit Builder tm Program:

 * To seperate your business and personal credit.

 * To build a business credit profile with multiple business credit bureaus.

 * To provide information on how to obtain a business credit score.

 * To obtain business credit accounts.

 * To open lines of credit with national retail companies, credit card companies and banks.

 * To keep the business out of the "No Credit" status with lenders and credit bureaus.

What you will receive with the BIG Corporate Credit Builder tm:


B2B Innovations Group, Inc., the "BIG Corporate Credit Builder tm" has during the past twenty years helped business owners:

* Obtain a business Credit Profile under the business name that is seperate from the personal credit  

   report of the individual owners or officers of the business.

* Built a solid foundation for their business that puts them in compliance with the lending  

  markets and increased their chances of approval for business credit.  

* Built business credit reports and scores with ALL the top business credit bureaus.

* Improve the business image to increase their likelihood of obtaining credit, loans,  leases, and    even government contracts

* Collectively received over $ 30,000,000,000.00 in credit lines under the business name only



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