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* Sleep Better at Night knowing they had access to capital they didn't have before, allowing them to use              other people's money to start and grow their business.

* Reduce the use of their personal credit in business transactions

* Gain Piece of Mind knowing they reduced the use of personal guarantees

* Seperate from their personal and business life

* Save thousands of dollars with lower interest rates 

* Your business will also go through our research department to determine all lender and credit 

   bureau requirements are in place.

* Your business will be registered with several credit bureaus to start the development of    your 

   business credit profile, seperate from you persoanlly.

* Save Money by bettering your credit score and lowering interest rates.

* Review your financial statements by our team of business coaches.

* Review your business plan by our team of business and credit coaches

* Keep your business out of the No Credit status

* The program takes our average client 6 to 12 months to obtain up to $ 1,000,000.00 in lines of credit and up    to  

  12-18 months to obtain up to $ 10 million in lines of credit. You will enjoy all the benefits   associated with          the 


*The average satisfaction rate of our clients after they have completed the BIG Builder tm

  Credit Program is 98%

  Why Do You Need Business Credit?

* Building your business credit will improve your business with the following:

* You will save time and money for your business

* Meet any current lending needs

* Prepare for any future lending needs

* Have cash in your business when it's needed

* Ability to extend your cash flow

* Lower your interest rates

* Build credibility for your business

  The biggest advantage of having a good business profile is saving money. By obtaining   a more favorable         credit score you will lower the interest you pay on loans and leases.  


  For Example:

  Example 10 Year payback          Good Credit Score           Average or No Credit Score 

  Loan Amount                              100,000.00                         100,000.00

  Length of Loan                            10 Years                             10 Years 

  Interest Rate                                 7.5%                                  10.5%

  Payment                                       $1187.02                            $1349.35

  Total Interest Paid                       $ 42,441.99                        $ 61,921.99

  Total Savings For Having Good Credit $ 19,480.00

  EXAMPLE 5 year payback          Good Credit Score           Average or No Credit Score 

  Loan Amount                               100,000.00                         100,000.00

  Length of Loan                             5 Years                               5 Years

  Interest Rate                                 7.5%                                   10.5%

  Payment                                        $ 2003.79                           $ 2149.39

  Total Interest Paid                        $ 20,227.75                        $ 28,963.40

  Total Savings For Having Good Credit $ 8,685.60


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